27 February 2018

Read Across America: Seuss rhymes with...?

My daughter and son are Kindergartners. This week at school they're celebrating the birthday of the beloved children's literature author, Dr. Seuss.

It was but a handful of years past that I learned how Theodor Geisel, himself, pronounced his own pen-name. Well, a couple days ago, when the kids were telling me how their class was planning to celebrate "Read Across America" this week, I told them about the honest pronunciation of the name.

I expected them to scoff at me, as they so often do. On the contrary, they seem to revel in the knowledge, as if they were suddenly privy to some piece of mystical intelligence, forsaken by all those around them. And they mean to disseminate awareness.

All week they've been hopping around, and turning each other loose, correcting folks who so ignorantly rhyme "Dr. Seuss" with "Mother Goose."
In fact, they're telling anyone who will listen to watch his or her "voice."
To rhyme the name as would old Theo, himself, and know the real way to say, "Dr. Seuss."

Below is a link to the Dr. Seuss website, Seussville.com
Lots of fun resources.
Great for celebrating "Read Across America."


31 January 2018

Another Lunar Eclipse

I caught only a glimpse of last night's Lunar Eclipse. The Moon enshrouded in glowing shadow, hanging low over the cold horizon. The clouds then cast away all but darkness upon the Heavens. Still a wonder to witness.

The live stream from NASA was awesome, too.

Here's what the Lunar Eclipse looked like from a couple years ago--the last one for which I had a camera ready AND that wasn't clouded out where I live. 

25 December 2017

Christmas 2017

...and that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Well...along with Epiphany, too.

29 November 2017

Readers' Advisory

I don't do this very often, but I can't hold back any longer.

I must recommend to readers the work of Mathew Hughes.

I've been enjoying his work since discovering him back around '04 in the pages of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
His exuberant playfulness with language, so deliciously anachronistic, along with his engaging plotting and rich range of interests, leave me admiring his compositional skills throughout his every story. Rarely a page I turn without thinking to myself that I wish I could write so well.

I could go on and on, but better to let the writer speak for himself. Visit his website. Check out excerpts of his work. Purchase books directly from his online bookstore.


Again, I don't often push recommendations. Only when I am especially impressed and feel it imperative to share.
Yet, maybe it's the librarian in me. I spend most days steering students toward books they might like. Perhaps I ought to embrace the act of making recommendations and start applying readers' advisory concepts beyond the library.

30 October 2017

To the Season of Hallowe'en

I've mentioned before that I write seasonally. A few of my pieces, I only work on during certain periods of the year, during October and its build up to Hallowe'en, for instance. One drawback is that it can stall the writing process. Even if I have some ideas brewing, I tend to hold back until the proper period rolls around again. One advantage is that it helps flavor the writing with authenticity to the season. Another drawback is that it can slow me down until I have multiple pieces going all at once. Another advantage in that regard is that I can therefore tend to finish pieces all at once as well.

This year, I finished a poem I had been working on for a couple of years, a story I'd been writing for a couple years longer, and a draft of a chapter book five Octobers in the making. Along with an assortment of short verses that have been hanging around for a while. The ends all came one after another after another. It has been ages since I felt so accomplished at my writing desk. 

One other advantage to writing  in such a seasonal manner is that while the season "seasons" the writing, the writing also "inscribes" the season with a certain character. This year, though I have been extraordinarily busy at work in the school library, my writing has helped maintain and even expand the feeling of Hallowe'en, serving to make the whole of October a celebration of the holiday...just the way October should be.

The first pumpkin I ever successfully grew and harvested,
carved into a Jack-o'-lantern!

27 September 2017

Banned Books Week

Celebrate Banned Books Week
Read a Banned Book!

For more information, visit these sites:

Banned Books Week

American Library Association

From the middle of Banned Books Week:
This week in the school library, we've been looking at a few "controversial" works by the masterful Dr. Seuss. Many a reader is surprised to learn that even a single Dr. Seuss book has ever offended anyone.

Visit these site for some interesting articles: