22 December 2020

Great Conjunction 2020

Like the rest of the planet, I have been awaiting the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn for ages.

Last evening, as dusk fell where I live, an enormous bank of clouds moved in and just sat, enshrouding the horizon into the night. Made for a spectacular sunset, true; yet, I was not able to view the Great Conjunction. 

I have been watching Jupiter and Saturn dance across the sky for months, since they were on the other side of the sky. But at the point when they appear closest, the Heavens remain veiled, alas.


That's sky-watching, I suppose. 

Behold what you can behold. 


All I could say is that the Moon and Mars looked magnificent, high overhead...and that at least the skies were bright and clear here three years ago for the solar eclipse.

02 November 2020

October Memories

Each October morning this year, my wonderful wife gave me a photograph or two, all of past Hallowe'ens.

A spectacular way to celebrate the Season, awakening every day to remembrances and anticipations. 



Thank you, Rainbow! Happy All Souls' Day!

30 October 2020

Weather the Weather

Pumpkins, nursed all summer long--frozen on the doorstep, by an arctic blast, and now nothing more than a pile of smushed fruits.

Decorations outside, whipped in the wind, arisen after weeks of still skies, and torn asunder, flown across the yard.

And all right before Hallowe'en itself. Alas.

Yet, we persevere, and certainly, whatever the weather, we will do so again next year.

29 September 2020

Which Days Were They?

Apparently, National Daughters Day and National Sons Day just passed by a couple days ago. 

I had never heard of such days before.

In truth, I don't mind missing them.

As far as I'm concerned, every day is a day for honouring both daughter and son.




30 August 2020

Summer Shaving Horse

This summer, I finally carved out the opportunity to make a shaving horse.

Principal directions derive from The Woodwright's Shop: A Practical Guide to Traditional Woodcraft by Roy Underhill (University of North Carolina Press, 1980) along with a little of this and that from the world wide web. 

(The sawhorses in the background are inspired by good ol' Roy Underhill and his good ol' PBS show "The Woodwright's Shop" - and fashioned from repurposed windshield pallets, as well.)


The plank and riser are from a pallet for shipping sheets of plate glass. The vise pieces are from windshield pallets. The legs are from deadfall pines salvaged off of Casper Mountain. The pegs are from the wild rose bushes in my Mom and Dad's backyard.

The twins are natural woodworkers! 

(I've since added pegs positioned specifically for their feet.)

10 July 2020

Fair - 2020

Just as the annual Parade was cancelled this year, so was the Fair and Rodeo. (The 4H animal shows were still held, nevertheless.)

So, we made our own Fair!

The twins made a carnival complete with a midway full of games, rides, concessions, a petting zoo, and even a Haunted House!
They invited relatives and gave out tokens and awarded prizes--sure to award themselves as well.
Just so happens to be the 130th anniversary of Wyoming Statehood. What a way to celebrate!
And what an honour to witness our children endeavour to make the best of every situation.

For us, it was the best Fair ever!

07 July 2020

Parade Day - 2020

Casper, Wyoming, holds an annual parade to kick off the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo.
Parade Day was canceled this year.

So, we made our own Parade!

The twins created a "Float" out of their wagon. We even decorated the dogs!
The route took us down the street to Grandma and Grandpa's house and then back up to round the block, wind hailing the whole way!
Cheers and waves and smiles from friendly neighbours. Tears of joy from Grandma.
For us, it was the best Parade Day ever!