23 May 2019

Winter Ethereal - Arch / Matheos

This is not a review; it's a recommendation:

Winter Ethereal by Arch / Matheos

Get the album and listen to it.

Here's the link:

All I can say about the music on Winter Ethereal is it's so powerful that ever since it was released, wide swathes of the country--including here in Wyoming--have been experiencing an otherworldly resurgence of Winter. 
Ice, frost, snow. Wind wailing cold and hollow. Grey clouds hanging as a heavy veil all over the horizon. 
The Seasons seem to be spiraling away. (I was mowing while it was snowing the other day. Mowing while it was snowing!) 
Indeed, the rebirth of the world has arisen this year still cast in the far-falling shadow of the season past, the season of loss, of being lost, of wandering onwards, of seeking and finding the way beyond--which, incidentally, are just a few of the themes flowing throughout the music.
Spring will blossom. That promise will always be fulfilled. But as memories are forever tethered to music, and music together with memories, I will forever remember first hearing Winter Ethereal during these cold, ghostly days this spring. How wondrous the prospects are of listening to it across other seasons yet to be.

Anyhow, again, I do not intend to describe here my impressions regarding this new music nor even praise the laudable musicians, along with all the others involved. I'm still too astonished.

Rather, allow me to direct folks to the words of Mark Cubbedge, a photographer and writer based out of Florida. (Also a genuinely nice fellow and talented artist whom I was honoured to meet a few years ago at Prog Power in Atlanta.) I can't say much more.
Maximum Metal Reviews - Mark Cubbedge

I will, nevertheless, write a word of thanks to John Arch and Jim Matheos for sharing their music. Once more, my thanks, in every measure, for every measure.