15 June 2014

For Father's Day

On this, the first Fathers' Day after my Dad died, here is the poem I wrote in the remembrance card for his funeral:

A day we wish would never end
Though we know it must,
As now we abide
Before the horizon
Whilst the boundless depths
Of darkness descend
With all the relentless
Shadows of dusk.

Yet as the twilight fades
We harbour no fear nor sorrow.
For you always let us know,
Even within our souls,
That in the night, however dark and deep,
Awaits the peace of sleep and of dream,
And that as today passes away into yesterday
Still every moment remains beyond tomorrow.

So now as the day ends
Your light yet guides the way,
And by the endless presence
Of every blessed remembrance,
We abide each moment
In undying thanks
For ever having been blest
To share with you such a wondrous day.

Dies In Memoriam
Thanks, Dad.