30 December 2012

Traditional Publishing vs. Digital Publishing

Here is a link to an interesting broadcast I heard the other day on National Public Radio.


It examines a couple of pros and cons publishers face with the transition to digital publishing.

Perhaps even more interesting are the comments elicited beneath the article.

26 November 2012

Midnight Serenade -- My Twins' Morning Song

My ten-month-old twins love this song: "Midnight Serenade" by Arch/Matheos.

One morning a few months ago, I was checking out the video on my computer and noticed that the twins seemed quite interested in it. Just about every morning since, I have played the video for them while they eat breakfast. They are always entranced. As soon as the guitar starts up, they both smile ear to ear and then watch and listen, transfixed all the way through as I feed them their cereal or apples or bananas. It has become our morning ritual.

Indeed, for my daughter and son, "Midnight Serenade" has become "Ode To Oatmeal."

Lately, we have found that when they get cranky in the car, all we have to do is put on the song, and they listen calm as can be. It's almost hypnotizing. (Although, I imagine it must make them hungry too, just like little Pavlov's dogs.)

I know of nothing else that can hold their attention so well for four and a half minutes. I am extraordinarily glad that they like the song and that they are starting off right with their "musical tastes."


"Midnight Serenade" from the album "Sympathetic Resonance" by Arch/ Matheos -- featuring the original vocalist and guitarist of Fates Warning, along with other members of Fates Warning's current line-up. 

(Here's a link to the Fates Warning website where it can be found: http://www.fateswarning.com/Home.aspx,
and here's a link straight to the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IwcL04CYews )

08 October 2012

An essay and a give-away

I wrote an essay entitled "Imagination Infinite?" which appears today, the 8th of October, on "Poor Richard's Bloganac."

Here's the link: http://bloganac.com/imagination-infinite/

The essay I wrote as my final project for English Composition my first semester of college. I had always liked the essay but never really thought I would do anything with it. After all, "who reads essays anymore?"

"Poor Richard's Bloganac" is published by the same folks who put out The Absent Willow Review, the magazine which first published one of my stories, "Yesterdays Tomorrows." The Bloganac is a collection of essays regarding philosophy, science, and life. Rick, the man behind The Bloganac, put out a submissions call a couple months ago to former contributors to The Absent Willow Review in case any were interested in sending in an essay.

I knew I had that essay on the infinitude of imagination, so I cleaned it up and sent it in.  And now it is available for all to read.

Never did I imagine. . .

(My whole family is gathering tonight to celebrate with a platter full of Whoopie-Pies!)


Now to the Musa Publishing Anniversary Blog-Hop:

The winner of a free download of "Day Dreamer" is--

Well, I am coming up on a year since the novella was published, and I still have a "stack" of author's copies to give away; therefore, I have decided that everyone who left a comment with contact information wins a free download.

So congratulations to: Janice, Jean, BLHmistress, Cassandra, Donna, Cia, Shadow, Latisha, and Julianne.

I will be contacting each of you to find out your preferred formats. If you would be so kind as to share your thoughts on the story with friends and family and perhaps even leave a few reviews on Goodreads or facebook or wherever you choose, I surely would appreciate it. Also, feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

Again, congratulations to all, and thank you.

01 October 2012

Musa Publishing Anniversary

Celebrate with Musa Publishing on its first anniversary--Visit the websites of its authors, register to win books and other prizes, and maybe even win a Kindle Fire!


One year ago Musa Publishing began operations, offering novels and short stories in electronic format. It held a promising outlook in a less than certain industry, starting small yet dynamic, with an uncompromising goal of getting good stories into the hands of readers at fair prices. They have since gone on to include dozens of authors and hundreds of works, even expanding into print editions, carving out an ever growing and resourceful presence in the world of books.

It was just over a year ago that I was offered a contract for publication of my novella "Day Dreamer" and learned that it was to be published during Musa's inaugural month. Although it wasn't my first publication, it was my first sale, and I shall remain always grateful to Musa and its directors for believing in the story and in me.

Here is a list of links to various interviews and features regarding "Day Dreamer" during the past year:


Please check them out and let me know what you think.

To help commemorate Musa's anniversary, I will be giving away a few free downloads of "Day Dreamer."
All you have to do in order to enter is join to follow this blog, like my facebook page at www.facebook.com/DevinHodginsOfficial, and leave a comment here, perhaps describing a dream that came true for you (or whatever else you wish to say), along with your contact information in case you win. I will draw the winner at the end of the week.
Good Luck!

Be sure and hop through the websites of Musa Publishing's other authors. Many will be giving away copies of their books as well.

Again, congratulations to Musa Publishing. May she celebrate many more anniversaries of realizing her dreams.