21 August 2015

Two Years To Go!

The solar eclipse of 2017 is just two years away!

And I will have a perfect view -- from my very own front step. 

This calls for a celebration. I'd like to invite everyone to join me and my family and to watch at our place, here on the southern edge of Casper, Wyoming.
Right beneath the centerline, Baily's beads shall be visible, and totality will last almost a full two and a half minutes. 
Image from www.thehoodwitch.com

It promises to be absolutely wonderful.

Here is an article from a local news outfit about how Casper has been identified as the best place to see it.

Also, here is the portal to a site dedicated to 2017's  eclipse. Maintained by Dan McGlaun, it is a wealth of information regarding the phenomenon. He and his team are doing a tremendous job.