26 January 2016

Elusive Planets

Oversleeping again and again, I keep missing my chance to glimpse all five visible planets at once in the morning sky. I awoke early enough a couple mornings ago, but all I could see were impenetrable snow clouds. I thought I had finally succeeded this morning. I got out of bed before dawn. I stepped out to clear skies. There they all were, blazing in an ecliptic arc across the heavens. Yet...Yet, not all. Mercury. I could not spy Mercury. From my front step, the trees obscured the horizon to the east, hiding Mercury from me, alas. Still, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter--even the Moon and a couple of prominent stars--all shone so brilliant, so bright.

And with the wind, whispering with a kiss, beneath the celestial light, I stood in awe and wonder.

Nevertheless, I'll keep awakening early. I'll keep hoping for crystal skies. I'll keep trying to catch swift Mercury. I'll keep seeking to behold the visible planets all at once. In the words of the Star Hustler himself, Jack Horkheimer, I'll be sure to "Keep looking up."