01 June 2015

Thunderbird's Transformation

My 1990 Ford Thunderbird. I bought it in '02.
I drove it away with just a couple spots of faded paint on the roof.
Over the last dozen years, the clear-coat has flaked and peeled away, the exposed paint has oxidized, and rust has begun to set in. Still not a dent, though, and when it runs it runs well; so, I have always wanted to refinish it.

It just so happens my sister married a painter.

After years of saying "we really should," we finally did. 
Rather, he finally did.

I was supposed to help with the sanding and taping and spraying, but during a down stretch of rainy weather and while I was busy tackling the end of the school semester, he and his men dragged it into the shop and finished it up.

My thanks to Jeremy Clark and his Jereco crew for a fine job. 
(Keep in mind, I have three other vehicles ready and waiting for you!)

The 'before' pictures fail to convey just how rough a shape this automobile really was in. Still, they do give a shade of an idea.
My wife, always mindful, snuck these pictures when we dropped it off at my brother-in-law's shop. Thanks, Rainbow!

Now it's like a brand new car!

If only it would start on a consistent basis...