21 August 2016

One Year To Go!

Only one year to go until the total solar eclipse on the 21st of August, 2017. 

And I will be watching from my own front step here in Casper, Wyoming. 

In fact, my house is just a few hundred yards from the exact centerline. Baily's Beads--a phenomenon created by sunlight casting through the "mountains" of the Moon around its ringed edge, with the last bead leading to the "diamond ring" effect--should be plainly visible. Plus, totality should start at around 11:42 a.m. and last for nearly two and a half minutes. 

I have anticipating this spectacular occurrence for over twenty years, ever since I first learned back in the nineties that Casper would lie in the path of a total eclipse in 2017.

So, once more, I would like to invite folks to my home. For viewing, I have a spacious yard and even a low-pitched roof. We'll have enough eclipse glasses for the whole neighbourhood. We also plan to have food and drinks and games for the kids! (How about "Pin the Moon on the Sun"? Each player wears a blindfold and tries to pin a black disk on a white disc. Closest one to "totality" wins a prize.)

Casper's hotels are already booked to capacity. Anyone from out of town is welcome to stay at my place. It's not much to offer, but folks could pitch tents in my yard. Any way I can help friends come to watch.

The only aspect I dread is the weather. Wyoming's late-August skies have a better-than-fair chance of shining bright and clear. But whatever the clouds, I plan to stand right here in my yard and keep gazing up.

No matter what, it promises to be spectacular. 

Below are some excellent resources for more information on next year's eclipse.





Interactive Map: http://www.eclipse2017.org/xavier_redirect.htm

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Great American Eclipse - 2017