27 February 2015

Still Unfathomable

The high plains waters of Wyoming have been perilous this past year and this passing Winter.
A man walking his dogs in a riparian park near Casper drowned.
A father and daughter fell through the ice on the Powder River. As of late February, the girl has yet to be found.
Flaming Gorge. The Yellowstone River. The North Platte, of course

For all those lost in the waters...

Devin Hodgins

The River flows on,
Its waters wandering always beyond,
Shimmering in the sunlight
Of another passing day,
While across tomorrow
Yesterday is swept away.
The River flows on,
Its breadths and depths all endlessly drawn
Along a course made more sacred for each sacrifice
As it flows ever forward, even unto paradise
Whence await the waters
Of stillness and peace,
Welling with wonders
Which will never cease.
Yet the River flows on,
Each moment a memorial eternally yearning.
The River flows on,
And drifting with it, in spirit we journey.
The River flows on,
Carrying away our hopes and our fears.
The River flows on,
Now flowing ever fuller with all our tears.  

Copyright © Devin Hodgins, 2014

An illustrated copy of is available for download here: Unfathomable