12 December 2013


Yesterdays Tomorrows
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Yesterdays Tomorrows
Which day of your life would you choose to relive?


Tom Morgen is tired. Tired of work. Tired of marriage. Tired of life. Worst of all, he's tired of himself. Stargazing one sleepless night, he happens upon being given the chance to relive one single day of his life. But chasing through his past days, each a shadow of all others, he torments himself with indecision. How could he ever choose from all his faded yesterdays and their desolate tomorrows?


Upon that very thought, Tom felt the wind be still within him. He shivered. And staring still into the sky, he sensed a presence upon the face of the deep, reflecting his gaze. A haunting presence which he was powerless not to perceive. The sky was its eyes, with the stars for a stare.

And from the farthest reaches of surrounding silence, he heard a voice speak his name: ‘Tom Morgen’.

The voice echoed throughout him as he watched the blackness all around deepen into a shape—the shape of a shadow in darkness. The ethereal form approached him, its enshrouding robes flowing as if by a breath never to be breathed. It stood still before him. Tom clutched his chest. And then the shape raised its own eyes: two bright stars opening to gaze upon him.

“I am summoned.”

Tom stood in utter astoundment—utter and dreadful astoundment—before the black shadow. Its enchanting voice. Its star-shining eyes. He grasped ever tighter at his bloodless heart—innocent, as far as he knew, of calling forth the shadowy shape or ever summoning it in any way.

“Am I…Am I dreaming?” he whispered to himself. He did not know if he was dreaming, yet he did know that he was not asleep. Without turning away from the shadow’s starry gaze, he glanced suspiciously at his cold coffee but possessed not even the strength to drop the cup.

Tom gazed onwards at the shadow of stars, feeling it peer into his soul. “Who are you?” he finally asked. “What do you want of me?”

“Thine answer.”

“My answer?” whispered Tom, echoing the silence of the shadow’s voice, and fearing the question unasked.

“Bestowed unto thee is the chance to relive any day of thy life.”

Tom’s heart achingly fell away beneath the hooded shadow’s deepening gaze. He could not stand. He could not collapse. He could only stare in awe.

Which day of your life would you choose to relive?