29 May 2012

Blog Hop Contest Winner

The winner of the Musa Memorial Day Blog Hop Contest is...
Laura Hardgrave.

She gets a free copy of my Novella, "Day Dreamer."

Congratulations, Laura, and good luck on your upcoming release, "Captive By The Fog," coming this autumn.

I hope you enjoy the story and that you come back here and share your thoughts.


25 May 2012

Musa Blog Hop

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I am joining my fellow Musa Authors in a Memorial  Day Weekend Blog Hop. You are invited to explore from site to site and to leave comments or questions. 

We're also all running a contest in celebration. I'll be giving away a copy of my novella to one lucky visitor.

It is an e-book. You can check it out here:
Day Dreamer - Devin Hodgins

It's available from Urania Speculative Fiction for only 99 cents.

Here once again is the companion poem I wrote with the story.

Tomorrow’s Dream

To dream every night of what shall be the next day…

When would you ever wish to fall asleep?
And how would you ever know whether you were awake?

Twilight shines across evening skies      
Even while morning shadows arise        
Memories and expectations turn one into another
Spinning and spiraling and becoming each other

And through each night
To dream of awakening and then of falling asleep
O, the oneiric lucidity
Of every nightmare and daydream

Twilight shines across morning skies
Even while evening shadows horize
Expectations and memories turn into each other
Spiraling and spinning and becoming one another

Lost  in revery
So every night seems
Making each day
A recurring dream.

You don’t know if you’re awake or asleep
You only know you are dreaming

To dream the day away
Awake, Asleep
Every dream, Every day
Every day, Every dream
Feel free to share your thoughts.

If you want to enter for a chance to win a copy of the novella, all you have to do is this: leave a comment--about what you dreamt last night, perhaps, or what Memorial  Day means to you--then sign up to follow my blog, friend me on facebook, and like my author page. Also in your comment, let me know how and in what format you would want your e-book sent to you. One winner shall be chosen from all qualifying entrants and shall be notified on Tuesday.

Be sure to enter on everyone's site--you just might win more than one book. 

I wish everyone a splendid and safe holiday as Memorial Day gives us a chance not only to remember our loved ones but to observe how the past begat the present and where the future lies--an appropriate sentiment, perhaps, for a blog hop.

21 May 2012

Yesterday's Crescent Sun

The annular eclipse last evening was spectacular. I could not for the life of me find my eclipse glasses, the ones I got in my stocking a few years ago when we had that eclipse upon Christmas Day, nor could I locate my welding helmet; so, I was reduced to using a pinhole camera. Still impressive. Still intriguing. Still mystifying. Still astounding to stop and ponder the heavenly alignment of Sun, Moon, and Earth of being able to be witness to such wonder. 

I hope everyone else got a good glimpse. 

The next Total Solar Eclipse shall track right over my home--Casper, Wyoming! 

Been waiting a while, and now it's just five short years away. I'll be sure to have found my glasses.