25 April 2018

Young Authors

I won a Young Authors contest at school when I was ten years old. It made quite a profound impact on me. The feeling of accomplishment, the recognition of my work, the opportunity to share my imagination--the entire experience helped develop my early interest in writing, eventually leading me toward the path of becoming a writer.

My own kids--both Kindergartners--entered the Young Authors program this year. My daughter wrote a fiction piece entitled Friends about the adventures of a dinosaur and knight. My son composed a collection of poems entitled Superheroes, Aliens, and Ice Creams. 

Not only did they both win in their respective categories at their school, they also placed at the district level. The poems earned an honourable mention, and the fiction piece took first place.

I am astonished--and humbled--at their burgeoning skills as storytellers. If I were half the writer at their age, well...

...Well, I would not be at all surprised if their own paths lead them toward further explorations of writing and to adding more of their own original contributions to the "Commonwealth of Letters."