27 February 2014

A "Creative" Question

Due to circumstances which, etymologically speaking, seem truly to be "surrounding" me, I am unable to post my story Yesterdays Tomorrows this month as I had planned.

Yet those circumstances bring up a question I have often wondered:

Does my writing reflect my life, or does my life reflect my writing?

Is it truer that whatever I am writing draws from whatever might be happening in my life, or, rather, is it that whatever is happening in my life draws from whatever I happen to be writing?
In other words, if a storm rolls over the horizon, does it find its way into my work, or does the storm I am describing on the page manifest itself in the skies?

I find myself swinging between the two "seemings" every now and again. And the more I contemplate the notions, the less I am sure which one ever exerts greater influence.

Writers, musicians, and artists of any creative capacity, what do you think? 

Leave a comment, share your thoughts, divulge your feelings on the subject.

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