12 April 2014

Fundamental Fractal

I am utterly convinced of the fractal nature of the universe!

At last, after months of other matters taking priority through a long, cold Winter, I finally found the opportunity to get to work at clearing tree branches that cracked, snapped, and fell during last October's early, heavy snowstorm. My brother and I spent the last few weekends hauling branches upon branches from my yard, our parents' yard, and our aunt and uncle's yard. 
Six truckloads and four trailers full, all told. 

Carrying trunks, sticks, and sprigs, stumps, limbs, and twigs, over and over again in a seemingly incessant succession, I could not help but wonder upon the self-similarity of branch and tree, that they appear the same, and how, taken on any scale, branch and tree are part and whole, whole and part, of one another.  

Heaving armful after armful onto the truck, and I thought: from sub-atomic particle, to solar system, to galactic supercluster, thus from stick to branch to tree, all are strung together, so heavenly, so harmoniously.

Heap upon heap of broken boughs, and I felt compelled to contemplate how this universe may very well branch into infinite other universes, to compose the multiverse; and how multiverse upon multiverse make up the omniverse; and how that omniverse, reaching into realms within and beyond itself, still resembles its every infinite and infinitesimal piece--comprising, in part and in whole, the one and only universe itself. 

I pondered, as ever, how every instant of existence forks and flows ad infinitum. How each moment reaches out to touch every other moment.  How every living being influences every other living being. 

O, how the Tree of Life ramifies every single solitary soul, yet holds us, all of us, forever unified upon its eternal--and fractal--branches.

Perhaps I was simply delirious from carrying all those neverending branches. 
Nevertheless, I am now absolutely, unequivocally convinced that all of nature is fundamentally a fractal.