15 August 2012

Lucky Bookmarks or Not-So-Lucky Bookmarks?

I'm afraid I must revise one of my marketing strategies.

The two bookmarks I labeled with codes good for one free download of my novella "Day Dreamer," along with instructions on how to redeem the prize, so far remain unclaimed.

The first one was for the Wyoming Writers, Inc., conference back in June. I was not able to fully participate at the conference because of work, so I left it to be found on the merchandise tables. The stack of bookmarks leftover at conference's end, which I assume still contained the one lucky bookmark, was taken to "Tomcats" in the Sunrise Shopping Centre. Last I checked, those bookmarks had not yet been set out for customers.

The second one I made for the Natrona County Library, and in particular, for a class held there last month on how to download e-books from the library collection. Again, I was not able to fully attend because I was working, but I left a stack of bookmarks--including one marked with a redemption code--with the instructor before the class. I'm pretty sure he neglected to pass them out as I had requested.

Now, as nonsensical as it seems to promote a book whose sole means of being handled by readers is electronic through the dispersion of physical strips of printed card-stock whose implied purpose of place-holding is virtually useless to any reader (except maybe the cartoon hero "Freakazoid"), and despite the lack of success I've had in awarding a free download of my story to any serendipitous redeemers of either of the marked pair of page-keepers, I still believe it's a worthwhile idea. Bookmarks are a simple method of spreading the word regarding available titles, of promoting an author's works, and of helping to get books into the hands of readers--whatsoever the format.

However, I have resolved to cease passing out any more "lucky bookmarks." At least, for now. Those two that are yet unclaimed shall remain redeemable; I will honour them, if and when they are ever found and their instructions followed, for as long as I operate this blog. Nevertheless, I still think a "lucky bookmark" is a cool, little idea; therefore, I have decided that I will make more. But when I do hand out more bookmarks redeemable for free books, I will hand them out myself, making certain that they really do end up in the hands of readers.

I honestly hope to award some fortunate finder of a lucky bookmark a free download of my story someday--sooner or later.