01 July 2012

Downloading E-Readers --plus-- Another Lucky Bookmark

The Natrona County Library is holding a class on Monday, July 2nd, at 2p.m. on how to download e-readers from its collection.
For more information, here is the link: http://www.natronacountylibrary.org/event.php?id=2836.

The class is free to attend and ought to prove interesting as it heralds a shift in how libraries handle their collections and how people interact with them. I know our library has been busier than ever with all of its various services, and by encouraging the growth of electronic lending it promises to remain a valuable resource for people well into the future--or as long as folks wish to read.

To support the library and this class, I will have bookmarks available at the Circulation Desk and at the Tech Centre. Once again, one lucky bookmark will hide amongst them. The finder of that bookmark shall win one free download of "Day Dreamer." Just follow the directions on the back. By the way, the first bookmark from the Wyoming Writers, Inc., conference has so far remained unclaimed--it just might be lurking at Tomcats in the Sunrise Shopping Centre. Nevertheless, the code on the back of it is still valid. So now two lucky bookmarks await their fortunate finders. I look forward to awarding the winners.