30 June 2019

Share and ShareAlike

My wife and I attended a workshop this past week in Cody, initiated by the Wyoming Department of Education. Its main focus was getting educators together to collaborate in the creation and curation of Open Educational Resources, particularly resources specific to Wyoming.

Teachers and students, stakeholders and community members have now the opportunity to create, share, remix, customize, improve, and renew all manner of resources in the educational setting, from supplemental materials such as books, worksheets, and other multimedia items, to lesson plans, to whole units, and even to entire curriculum maps. It's Pinterest meets Teachers Pay Teachers, except all resources are open and free, in addition to being reliably collected and curated by leaders in the field of education.

It proved to be quite an engaging workshop, and we are excited to become involved in such a promising initiative for teaching and learning.

Here are links for more information:

Open Range - Wyoming's OERs

Open Range Wyoming - Wyoming Department of Education

However, because of the openness of such resources, the workshop we attended thoroughly investigated proper licensing and attribution procedures along with a helpful look at accessibility. Now, I have studied copyright and fair use principles, and I have taught them to students. But the workshop truly helped to clarify a few points as well as to provide a few resources that will help me in practice and in instruction.
Even here on this blog, I've provided links to open resources--usually photographs that I've used--but I've employed mere lazy linking rather providing ideal attribution. No more. I aim to practicce what I preach. From here on, I'll be sure to do my best at including right and proper attributions on my resources.

Here's a prime example:

How to give attribution

Here is a photo. Following it are some examples of how people might attribute it.
This is an ideal attribution
Creative Commons 10th Birthday Celebration San Francisco” by tvol is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For more information, visit this set of links to the Creative Commons:

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