30 November 2016

Within the Classroom Walls

I developed a Literacy Project for my degree in Library Science, and I've had the opportunity to begin implementing it in a local middle school class. It involves an author study of Ray Bradbury, a close reading of "The Veldt," performances of the play version of the story, and the creation of book trailers based on a chosen piece of Bradbury's work.

So far, the pupils have reacted fantastically to the unit. All but one did not recognize Ray Bradbury's name before we began. Now, many are clamouring to get their hands on his writing. Dark Carnival, and Fahrenheit 451 seem to be among the most popularly sought. Most students, it seems, love "The Veldt." It's proven quite the engaging tool for enhancing literary interest among the class.  

As we focus on the theme of technology's impact on human relationships and mindsets and behavior, it has been an educational delight to witness students engage with the writing of a true master, and even rather startling to behold them filling the room, like a technological veldtland itself, with their ideas and perspectives.

This is why I got into education.

Anyhow,  developing the unit, I came across a terrific rendition of Leonard Nimoy narrating "The Veldt."
Enjoy it at this link: https://archive.org/details/01TheVeldt

(Made available by the Internet Archive)

                                                                                    (image from morguefile.com)