01 October 2011

Musa Publishing

Musa Publishing launches today. Follow the link below and check out their selection. With nine "muses" to choose from, there is something for everyone to be inspired.

Musa is just beginning, but this publisher is going to be a forerunner in the business for years to come. They have a sound business plan, a forward approach to publishing in both electronic and print media, a real understanding of the markets, and perhaps most importantly, its directors are kind, courteous, wonderful people who treat their authors and readers with respect and grace, creating an environment which feels like family. They have poured themselves into this endeavour, and so shall we all be rewarded for their hard work with some fantastic stories and art, not to mention friendships and memories as Musa continues to inspire.

So, this is only the beginning. Wondrous reading everyone.


  1. awww, Devin thanks! The directors at Musa have worked hard and all four of us share that common goal - we are giving our all to the authors and readers that find their way to Musa. Your launch date is right around the corner now!!

  2. We are a truly international and multi-genre family!