04 March 2012

Read Across America

"Read Across America" was a great success this year. I joined other alumni from my old elementary school and read "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" in the gym. Then we and a bunch of other volunteers scattered into the classrooms and read from other Dr. Seuss selections. What a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday and to celebrate the love of reading.
Here is an interesting article about  Dr. Seuss and his connection to speculative fiction.


  1. Hi Devin - you got tagged in The Lucky 7 Writer's Meme. Aren't you lucky? You can find it on my blog, right here: http://lindabenson.blogspot.com Have fun!

  2. I love that book. It is personally one of my favorites by Dr. Seuss. I look forward to reading Day Dreamer, and I hope you inspire me to write things I haven't yet written about. :)

  3. Be sure and let me know how you like Day Dreamer.
    Also, I hope you are inspired even further to share what you write, and so inspire others.