03 June 2012

Awarded The Horizon

I was the recipient of the "Western Horizon Award" last night at the Wyoming Writer's, Inc. conference for my book,"Day Dreamer." Quite the pleasant surprise, especially since I was working and was unable to attend the awards banquet. I showed up for the conference book signing afterwards, and that's when the award committee chairman found me and presented me the award. I apologize for missing the ceremony. Nevertheless, my thanks to Aaron Holst, Cindy Bower, and Pat Frolander of WW, Inc.

My wife and our twins were with me when I received the award, and it was my honour to share with them such a special moment.

Also, the "Lucky Bookmark" so far remains unclaimed. Whoever finds it, be sure to leave a comment with the code to claim your copy of "Day Dreamer."

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! It's always great to get a surprise like that.