28 October 2013

Day Dreamer - Second Anniversary

"Day Dreamer"

October 28th marks the second anniversary of Urania Speculative Fiction’s release of Day Dreamer. That calls for a celebration! 

The first half dozen readers who leave a comment here, along with their contact information, shall receive a free electronic copy of Day Dreamer

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Perhaps I'll give away more than half a dozen. Just let me know what interests you in Day Dreamer.

My thanks!


Day Dreamer

To dream every night about the next day…so strange the future seems, asleep or awake.

Every night, Steve dreams about the next day. It's as if he is living each day twice--once asleep and once awake--and he is tired of it. When he learns his old girlfriend, Dawn, is home from college for the summer, he contacts her and begs her to help him find a way to stop dreaming of each day. As they grow close once again, she suggests he defy his dreams and do the opposite of whatever he dreams of each night. But then Steve is faced with a decision: does he follow his dream of being back with Dawn or does he do the opposite of what he dreamed and let go of her once again? How can he ever find the way to dream beyond tomorrow?

"I can't talk about this to anyone else," Steve said, his voice wavering. "I'm not even sure if I should tell you. But I have to tell you. Only you. Or else I'll go insane. Please believe me. Please try to understand."
Enwreathed in smoke, his eyes began to tear. Dawn drew close and took his hand back in hers. "What is it, Steven? Tell me, please."
He caught his breath to begin. "Have you ever experienced a moment, knowing you had dreamt of that moment before?"
"What, like dèjá vu?"
"Kinda. But instead of just some vague sense that you've seen something or been somewhere before, I mean absolutely knowing for sure that you had experienced the moment in a dream."
"Well, I guess—I've never really—"
"Well, every moment of every day is like that for me."
Dawn peered at him. "What do you mean?"
"Every night, I dream of the next day."
She peered at him still, expecting a more elaborate explanation. Steve tried to find the words, glad she was holding his hand, as if without her grasp he might slip away.

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  1. I love this story. It's one of my favorites of yours. Love you to and hope your tomorrow is a wonderful one for you.