27 February 2014

A "Creative" Question

Due to circumstances which, etymologically speaking, seem truly to be "surrounding" me, I am unable to post my story Yesterdays Tomorrows this month as I had planned.

Yet those circumstances bring up a question I have often wondered:

Does my writing reflect my life, or does my life reflect my writing?

Is it truer that whatever I am writing draws from whatever might be happening in my life, or, rather, is it that whatever is happening in my life draws from whatever I happen to be writing?
In other words, if a storm rolls over the horizon, does it find its way into my work, or does the storm I am describing on the page manifest itself in the skies?

I find myself swinging between the two "seemings" every now and again. And the more I contemplate the notions, the less I am sure which one ever exerts greater influence.

Writers, musicians, and artists of any creative capacity, what do you think? 

Leave a comment, share your thoughts, divulge your feelings on the subject.

I would be delighted to give out free downloads of Day Dreamer to those who participate in the conversation.


  1. I think, for writers, we exist as much in the outer world as we do in the inner one that we convince ourselves we've created. Both affect us deeply and each can, at times, seem more real than the other.

  2. Sage thoughts--from an affecting writer. My respect, my admiration, and my thanks for sharing.