17 August 2014


An eleven-year-old boy drowned in the North Platte River this past week. He and an eight-year-old friend were playing in the water when the current swept them away. The older boy helped push the younger boy toward shore but then fell under. After an exhaustive search, rescue crews found him four days later just a few dozen yards down the river.

I knew that eleven-year-old boy. I taught him at school. He was part of my fifth-grade tutor group. Enthusiastic, engaging, eager to learn, and always willing to help out, he was a great student, and I enjoyed working with him. His heroic sacrifice stands as testament to his enduring character.

After such a harrowing week for so many, here and across the world, I was moved to write this verse. Please feel free to share your thoughts.



The River flows on,
Its waters wandering always beyond,
Shimmering in the sunlight
Of another passing day,
While across tomorrow
Yesterday is swept away.
The River flows on,
Its breadths and depths all endlessly drawn
Along a course made more sacred for each sacrifice
As it flows ever forward, even unto paradise
Whence await the waters
Of stillness and peace,
Welling with wonders
Which will never cease.
Yet the River flows on,
Each moment a memorial eternally yearning.
The River flows on,
And drifting with it, in spirit we journey.
The River flows on,
Carrying away our hopes and our fears.
The River flows on,
Now flowing ever fuller with all our tears.               

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