01 July 2015

June-July Conjunction

A wonderful sky last night! The Moon casting shadows through the clouds, Saturn shining high in the south, and Venus and Jupiter and their astounding conjunction over the western horizon. I watched with my mom and my brother, Randy. Then, my wife and I took the twins out to see, looking through grandpa's old binoculars, their sleepy eyes gazing wide. Even my nephew, Aaron​, showed up to see. We spoke of how, today, many scholars hold that it would have been such a majestic conjunction long ago that led a few wise sky-gazers, seeing His Star in the east, to a humble abode. (It might have been some other mysterious occultation; nevertheless, how intriguing.) Standing there, beneath the sky and before the horizon, we were all astonished and amazed as the planets shone so dazzlingly and blazingly bright together.

Then, I sat quietly on my back porch, alone save with the silence of the wind, and watched until Venus and Jupiter set. Wondering all the while.

Wondering upon all who were gazing upon them that very moment. Wondering upon all who had ever gazed upon them before. Wondering upon all who would gaze upon them ever after. Wondering upon all those ever to follow such a beacon across the horizon. Wondering upon all the wonders of the Heavens.

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