28 September 2015

Bleeding Harvest

Last night's total eclipse of the Harvest Moon at perigee--or, as folks were calling it, the Super Blood Moon--was wondrous.

Dusk, and clouds obscured the horizon. To the west: nothing but more clouds gathering to roll across the sky. Still the air was warm, welcoming anyone who so wished to venture out, to watch and wait.

I went out. And I watched and I waited.

And the wind fell silent, as if only to watch with me.

Darkness enshrouded the heavens. Yet I kept gazing away. Then, the shadowed Moon broke through, clear and crimson, only to vanish in an instant, as if glancing at me through the opening and closing eyes of the sky. I had to catch my breath.

More clouds. More darkness. Yet a wide chasm in the clouds advanced high above. Stars shone through, dazzling overhead. The break in the clouds approached the east. I went inside...in order to drag my family out into the yard and to watch the wonder about to appear.

With my twins in my arms, we all watched. The clouds tore away, and the light--the shining, shadowy light--shone across the darkness.

The Harvest Moon bled through the shadows.

And we all stood astonished.

Then the clouds reached once more across the sky, obscuring the wondrous sight. Everyone shuffled back inside, leaving the darkness to the night.

But later, whilst everyone else slept, I slipped outside.

The Harvest Moon blazed bright. From high upon the sky it gazed, illuminating the thin wisps of clouds all silvery pale, like a glowing veil cast horizon to horizon.

And again, I stood astonished.

The wind withheld any whispers.

Finally I returned inside. I went to sleep, and entered into dream, with the aethereal visions still shining in my eyes.

Always so wondrous to be mystified by the night.

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