27 June 2016

Summer Institute

I just got back into town last night from a trip to North Dakota.

I attended the Summer Institute at Valley City State University. I don't mention it often on this blog, but I am a teacher, and I am also studying to earn a Master's of Education Degree with a concentration in Library and Information Technologies. VCSU's Summer Institute is basically a collection of librarians and educators gathering together to work on issues involving school libraries.

This past weekend, we networked, we collaborated, and we broadened or perspectives and deepened our understanding of how to be more effective teacher-librarians. We studied guided inquiry in particular along with how MakerSpaces can enhance the library and enrich learning. We helped a librarian in Jamestown, ND, arrange a couple of her elementary libraries. We had video conferences and guest speakers. We had dinner with the University president, and we met the North Dakota State Librarian. It was a full schedule, and I learned quite a lot.

My family went with me to Valley City. But while I was off studying with the quire of librarians, my wife took the family to Fargo. It was the twins' first visit to Chuck E Cheese's. Over the weekend, the family also went swimming and playing at the park. I did carve out a moment to visit with them the medicine wheel behind the dorms where we were staying. The setting sun shone bright and brilliant along the lines of stones. Here's more information on the monument: http://medicinewheel.vcsu.edu/.

I'll be going back to Valley City next year...not to attend the Summer Institute, but to graduate.

For further information on the LIT program at VCSU, please visit these links:

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