22 December 2016

Dreams Awakening

Yesterday seemed like an awakening...

I have a goofy tradition of having whoopie pies with the family whenever I publish something, whether story, poem, or essay.

We had whoopie pies yesterday but not because I published anything. It was in celebration for finally finishing a poem I had been working on for a while--sixteen years, to be exact..

It's a novel-length poem involving Dream. I began the piece back in 2000, planning to work on it every couple of months. I soon fell into the habit of working on it every Sunday. So once a week, no matter what else I had going on, I wrote on the poem. It became my touchstone work, the paragon that prepared me for all my other writing throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. Originally, I figured the poem would take about a decade to finish. It ended up taking just a few years longer than that.

Still, finishing felt like an awakening...

However, I should clarify: I finished the first draft yesterday. I expect it shall take me two or three years more, working every Sunday, to edit it and compose the final draft. Perhaps it might even take longer. 

Another awakening awaits...

Nevertheless, when I do ultimately finish, I plan on sharing with my family another delicious batch of whoopie pies!

Image from www.foodista.com

 (These are not the whoopie pies I made. Mine were devoured before I could snap a good picture!)

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