28 February 2017

A Question of Perception

How is it that so often the closer something is, the farther away it can be?

I suppose the horizon hides what lies beyond, and we may keep gazing away. But then, reaching ever onward, when we finally catch a glimpse of what awaits ahead, we get a true sense of every step we must yet take.

So close. Yet so far. And in so many ways...

I have been working toward a degree. Now with only a few weeks to go until I present my portfolio, I feel as far away from finishing it as when I first began.

Perhaps more pertinently, I have been waiting for the total solar eclipse to occur above my house since I first found out in the early nineties about its impending approach. Now, less than half a year to go--fewer than six months!--the day feels as distant as ever. The plans. The preparations. The prayers for clear skies.

Anyhow, I came across an article <pasted below> about how the eclipse is expected to dominate--astronomically dominate--social media. As well it should.

However, though it still remains far away, I can promise not to be partaking in the media blitz--despite my fortuitous vantage point, and even perhaps because of it. I shall simply be standing in my very own yard and staring into the heavens that day. No cameras. No recording. Only gazing away at the wonder above...fully present, and finally realizing the moment I had been so long awaiting.

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