27 February 2018

Read Across America: Seuss rhymes with...?

My daughter and son are Kindergartners. This week at school they're celebrating the birthday of the beloved children's literature author, Dr. Seuss.

It was but a handful of years past that I learned how Theodor Geisel, himself, pronounced his own pen-name. Well, a couple days ago, when the kids were telling me how their class was planning to celebrate "Read Across America" this week, I told them about the honest pronunciation of the name.

I expected them to scoff at me, as they so often do. On the contrary, they seem to revel in the knowledge, as if they were suddenly privy to some piece of mystical intelligence, forsaken by all those around them. And they mean to disseminate awareness.

All week they've been hopping around, and turning each other loose, correcting folks who so ignorantly rhyme "Dr. Seuss" with "Mother Goose."
In fact, they're telling anyone who will listen to watch his or her "voice."
To rhyme the name as would old Theo, himself, and know the real way to say, "Dr. Seuss."

Below is a link to the Dr. Seuss website, Seussville.com
Lots of fun resources.
Great for celebrating "Read Across America."


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