30 August 2020

Summer Shaving Horse

This summer, I finally carved out the opportunity to make a shaving horse.

Principal directions derive from The Woodwright's Shop: A Practical Guide to Traditional Woodcraft by Roy Underhill (University of North Carolina Press, 1980) along with a little of this and that from the world wide web. 

(The sawhorses in the background are inspired by good ol' Roy Underhill and his good ol' PBS show "The Woodwright's Shop" - and fashioned from repurposed windshield pallets, as well.)


The plank and riser are from a pallet for shipping sheets of plate glass. The vise pieces are from windshield pallets. The legs are from deadfall pines salvaged off of Casper Mountain. The pegs are from the wild rose bushes in my Mom and Dad's backyard.

The twins are natural woodworkers! 

(I've since added pegs positioned specifically for their feet.)

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