31 January 2014

Looking Back/Looking Forward--Looking Forward/Looking Back

Looking Back/Looking Forward--Looking Forward/Looking Back

Last month, a short story of mine entitled Yesterdays Tomorrows was released as part of a holiday promotion from Musa Publishing. It was only available for a couple of weeks. I have been asked if it would ever be available again. So, next month, I shall re-release the story myself as a .pdf, available from this site. I hope everyone checks it out.

Also, after having earned my bachelor's in elementary education only last fall, I just ended my first full week of work, actually employed with the District, as an Educational Support Person/Tutor. As I reflect on all I learned through my education courses, I am brimming with anticipation now that what I studied is beginning to transform from theory to practice. So far, I am thrilled with the position. I work with students throughout the school, in every grade but kindergarten. Such a dynamic, challenging assignment is proving quite rewarding already as inspirational relationships take shape--inspiration from teacher to student as well as student to teacher.

These two points--amongst countless others--draw me, at once, toward the past and the toward the future. Seeming rather appropriate for the open gateway of January, even at its end.


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